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      “Pharmapost” is an integrator of medical and dental materials and equipment since 1998.
We offer modern and reliable decisions in the field of medical technology, improving technical equipping of our clients.      “Pharmapost” carries out the full circle service equipping health centers, guarantees  the further warranty service.
       Our clients are companies from different regions of Russia. Hundreds of health centers cooperate with us (including polyclinics of Ministry of Home Affairs, Emergency Department, etc.) Following to the base principles of high-quality service we make the main stress on professionalism, efficiency and reliability. The corporative policy of our Company is directed to the long-term partner's relations determination with clients.
      Using the latest achievements in the field of medical technology and excellent understanding of world
medical and pharmacological market specifics allow us to solve the problems of different difficulties with the
goods of such producers as:
 3M, ADec, AGFA, Air-Technique, Alfa-Dent, Amdent, Ansell, ANTHOS, Antogyr, Apexmed, Arkodor, Assodont, Bausch, Bayer AG_HerKulzer, BEGO, Belimed, Beromed, Bien Air, Binder, Biolase Thechnology Inc, Bisico, Bora, Borer Cheme, Branson, Bredent, Castelini, Catgut, Cattani, C-Dent, CEDIME, CEMM, Centrix, Ceramco, Cerec, CERKAFEL, Chirana, Coltene, Commonsense Dental products, Crosstex, DABI ATLANTE,  Defend, Degussa_Dentsply, Dentafilm, Dental Art, DentaMAX, Dentamerica, Dentaurum, Dentsply, Dia Tech, Diadent, DiamondBrite, Dimeda, Discus Dental, Dispodent, DMG, D-Tec AB, Ducera, DURR, DZ Diamant, E_S_Moore, Econ, Edenta AG, EMC, EMS, Endo Points, Erkodent, Espe, EURONDA, Fairfax Dental, Falcon, Faro, Fedesa, Findent, Finesse, Gamatex, Gamma, GC, Geistlich Pharma, Giulini, Glasspan, GNATUS, Granton, Hakusui Trading, Hammacher,  Harald Nordin, Hartman, HaweNeosDental, HAWO GERATEBAU GmbH, Helm, Heraeus Kulzer_ëàá, Hoechst, Horico,  Hu-Friedy, Humanchemie, Hygenic, Ivoclar_Deutsche, J_H_Orsing, Jonson_Jonson, Jelenko, Jeneric_Pentron, KAVO,  Keeline, Kenda, KENDALL_Tyco, Kerr, Kettenbach, KFG, Knauf, KODAK  MEDICAL, KSG Sterilisatoren, Kulzer-Heraeus,  Kuraray, LANCER Orthodontic, Lares, LASCOD, Leika, Leone, Liarre, Litema, LM-Dental_Planmeca, Logi bloc, Lotos,  MACO, Maersk Medical, Mafor-Dent, Maillefer, Mani, Marathon, Mectron, Medec Instrument, Medenta, Medicom,  Meisinger, Meta Dental, Micro_Mega, Microbrush, Microcopy, Mitsubishi, Morita, Myofunctional Research, NDI,  New Life Radiologies, Nipro, Nisico, Nitram Dental, Nordiska Dental_Scania, Noritake, Novocol, NSK Nacanishi, NTI,  Nurse, Omicron, OpDOp, Ormco, Ortho Organizers, Osram, Parkell, Paro, PD, Perfection Plus, Philips, Pierre Rolland,  Planmeca, PoinTech, Polydentia, Premier, Prestige Medical, Prizmalite,Prodental, Pulpdent, Quayle Dental, Queisser Farma, Reitel, Renfert, RF System, Rhein 83, Ribbond, RMO_Rocky_Mountan_Orhodontics, Roeko, Romed,  Sankin-Dentsply, Satelec, Scheul-Dental, Schick Technologies, Schuler-Dental, Schulke_Mayer, Schulz-Dental,  Schwert, Sci-Can, Scruples, SDI, SDS, Semper Med, Septodont, Servo-Dental, Sherwood, Shofu, Siladent, Sirona,   Sogeva, Solco, Sony, Spofa Dental, SS-White, Sultan, Super-Dent, Sure_Endo, Swan Morton, Takara Belmont,  Tanari, Tau Steril, Technomedica, Terumo, Tre-T, Trophy, Tuttnauer, Tyco, Ultradent, ULTRASONEX, Uni-Dent,  Ushio, Vannini dental, VDW, Velatex, Villa_SM, VITA, Voco, Weihai Medical, Weltex, Wex-ford Labs, W-H, Whaledent, Whip Mix, WHS, Zenith, ZFM-ÌÅÄ, Zhejiang

   Besides, the company “Pharmapost” has the license of Ministry of Health on medical and pharmacological
product sale ¹ 006998.
   Having a good experience and daily practice our Company successfully works in all areas
of pharmacological market.

“Pharmapost” team consisting of certified specialists offers to the clients professional decisions and creates
all necessary conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation.

How we work:
Distribution of medical equipment and consumables. All equipment is new, officially delivered
with warranty of the producer.

1. Payment terms:
By cashless payment - on the rate of Central Bank + 5% on the day of the payment;
By cash through Sberbank of Russian Federation  (RF) (1% commission);

2. Delivery terms :

Delivery time – within Moscow the day we receive money on our account or the following day (in case of supply
from local warehouse).
Within Russia -  transport companies Gruzovozoff, SPSR, Armadilo or any other recommended by customer.

3. The Supply with delay of the payment (to large health centers, regular customers) :

on recommendations and guarantee letters of the aforesaid companies; depending on cooperation history
and turnover.

4. Granting demo-equipments under guarantee letters:
On the security of the cost.

The Complex supplies:
Stage 1
  The Study of the basic data of the customer, working out the decision and calculation of
the preliminary budget of the project.

Stage 2
Undertaking the engineering prospecting, co-ordination of the technical requirement, scheduling the full specification
of the equipment, payment of the overall value of the project.

In addition:
the development of the requirements specification; testing the decisions on stand; the development of the draft;

Stage 3
  The Supply, montage and launching of the equipment.
In addition: detailed design development; calculation estimate; ensuring the approving the detailed design instate 
structures; consulting services on reception of the permits; technical support and servicing.